SCARLET & SNOW OIL AND GAS LIMITED safety program is set up to provide all employees with a clear definition of safety objectives and goals.

Although this document may not address all concern it is intended to raise our awareness level to the point where we can identify and deal with those situations or events which would be viewed as compromising the safety of ourselves and others.

Profitability is the main objectives of all companies operating in a free enterprise system. At this point it becomes important to realize that productivity and profitability are directly tied to safety. Expenditures to implement and maintain active, responsive safety programs and policies are far lower than those required to cover lost man hours/production, medical expenses litigation and other third party costs. It would take only one incident to prove this fact.

To this end the management of our organization has expressed a commitment to safety with the adoption of a policy based on: Safety and accident prevention measures will be practiced as a function of every activity at Scarlet & Snow Oil and Gas Limited.

Safety is an integral part of everyone’s job, and safety performance will form part of everyone’s evaluation.  You can’t leave safety up to someone else.