Mobil 1™ Extended Performance Oil Filters

Long-life performance oil filters for long oil drain intervals
Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil Filters offer the ultimate protection for your engine – especially when used with Mobil 1™ fully synthetic motor oil. In fact, a Mobil 1 Extended Performance oil filter can provide one full yearof guaranteed protection when used with Mobil 1™ Annual Protection motor oil.

Though not required, this filter meets the requirements of the Mobil 1 Annual Protection limited warranty and is the perfect companion product for longer-lasting protection.

Our advanced performance oil filters use synthetic blend media, which leave your vehicle with cleaner oil and an engine that performs better and lasts longer. For a full list of our Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil Filters, see below.

We stand behind our products. Read the Mobil 1 Extended Performance oil filter limited warranty.

Mobil 1™ Motorcycle Oil Filters

Designed to trap dirt and deliver high efficiency
Mobil 1 Motorcycle Oil Filters are designed for a variety of uses, from racing, street and off-road motorcycles to extreme sports vehicles, such as ATVs, jet skis and snowmobiles.

The Mobil 1 Motorcycle Oil Filter line’s proprietary design traps and holds more dirt than a leading conventional brand.

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